Lets whip the booty hole into shape and get you into anal training camp! Just kidding, you can train your anus on your own, and here’s what you need to know. 



What Is Anal Training? 

Ultimate Guide To Anal Training

Anal training is defined as training the anus for anal sex, in fact as many as 35% heterosexual identifying women and 44% heterosexual identifying men have had anal sex, (according to the NLMS) with that number growing yearly.

Before I can dive into what anal training is, there are a few things you should know about the anus. This will help you further understand the importance of flared items and why anal training is important. 


Your anus has two muscles, the outer muscle is the one you can flex, the inner one you have no control over. You want to train both muscles, but this is more so to train the inner muscle, since you don’t control it. 


When talking about anal approved sex toys, we always put emphasis on flare ended toys. This means a toy that has a larger ending that the rest of the toy. It behaves like a stopper, now why is this important? If you don’t have an ending then the toy can slip into your anus and make it’s way up there and have a little fun on the way. 


If you have a vagina, then you have a cervix preventing things from making their way deeper into your body. With your anus however, there is no cervix to deny entry to items that don’t have a flared end. So we have to make sure that we only use items with flared ends when enjoying any and all anal play. 


Another thing that should be  noted is that the anus isn’t naturally lubricated. So using a really great lubricant such as silicone, hybrid or a thick water-based is crucial. Why not regular water-based? While you can use water based if you’re in a crunch, the anus naturally sucks up water, so a water-based lubricant is not as likely to last as long as a silicone or hybrid lubricant. 


Now to dive into what it means to train your anus. Playing with the anus can seem intimidating, and jumping straight into anal play isn’t always easy. When you train your anus, you use smaller anal toys to start and then work your way to a larger toy, you can even start with just a finger. 


What does stretching the muscles do? It helps work the muscle in a safe way, telling it that this invasion is okay, and as you go up in size you help train the muscles to be comfortable opening around the larger sizes. 


You should always listen to your body however, if your body is resisting then don’t push it. 


What Do Anal Training Toys Look Like? 

Ultimate Guide To Anal Training


Much like anal toys, anal training toys come in a variety of sizes and shapes. You can find exactly what you’re looking for. 


The anal training kit is typically a set of 3 anal toys ranging from small to large. What’s considered small and what’s considered larger depends on the kit that you get. There’s a variety of shapes that they can come in. 


So if you are a complete newbie and shy, you can find very slim anal toys and start training that way. Or you can start with a larger small size and work your way up to even bigger anal toys. It gives you the opportunity to train no matter what level you’re comfortable taking. 


You don’t always have to get an anal training set however, you can also use just an anal plug that you’re comfortable with. The goal is to work those muscles in a positive way and let them get used to being comfortably stretched around the desired girth. 



How Long Do You Wear Anal Training Plugs? 

Ultimate Guide To Anal Training


When you first start, you only want to wear them for a few minutes. The goal is work up to everything, so start with 5-10 minutes, as you become more comfortable with that you can increase your time.  


While you can train your anus daily when starting out, you shouldn’t wear your anal plug for an extended time. Nothing past an hour if you’re training your anus daily, it is a muscle that you are working out. 


If you choose to increase how long you wear a butt plug for, you just want to be sure you build up to it. Allow your body time to get used to the penetration and your muscles learn how to stretch around it. You can wear butt plugs for hours, like more than 8 hours. Just be sure to work up to that, it’s quite a length of time to wear a butt plug for.



Will It Hurt? 

Ultimate Guide To Anal Training


When you put in the anal plug, it shouldn’t hurt a lot, there may be some discomfort, but you shouldn’t experience pain. If you do then you want to go down a size, you don’t want to spend time in pain for something that should bring pleasure. 


Now if you’re wearing your anal plug for a length of time and you take it out and feel sore and uncomfortable after pulling the plug out, then you need to stop. That means you’re wearing the anal plug for far too long and need to give your body a break before any damage occurs. Give your body time to rest before you start again. 


Can I Wear My Anal Plug At Night? 

Ultimate Guide To Anal Training


Now while this sounds a little wild, some do claim to wear butt plugs all night. I advise against this and so do a lot of others.


An anal plug will put pressure against your sphincter and anal walls, you want to listen to your body, you can’t do that while you’re sleeping. 


Can I Wear My Anal Plug To Go To The Bathroom?

Ultimate Guide To Anal Training


It’s advised to take it out, when you’re using the restroom you tend to relax all your muscles to relieve yourself.


This means that it could fall out, and its just best to take it out no matter what number you’re doing. 


Will My Anus Start To Gape, If I Train Too Big Or Wear My Plug Too Long? 

Ultimate Guide To Anal Training


No, the reason you train is to prevent this. Gradually going up and size and time will help the muscle gain the strength it needs to keep everything working properly while opening the way you desire.


Now will your anus be a little more open after you use a butt plug? Yes, but don’t worry, give it a few hours and it’ll return to normal. And no, your bodily discretions will not leak out or escape your anus during this time. 


How To Insert An Anal Plug? 

Ultimate Guide To Anal Training


You want to start with making sure your anal plug is clean, so wash it off and get it dry. 


Lube the anal toy up with your preferred lubricant and place it next to you. 


You’ll want to be bent over or on your hands and knees to easily access your anus. 


Insert the anal plug slowly and listen to your body, don’t be afraid to feel around. 


Push the toy in until the flared end is flush with you.


If you’re struggling to relax to let the toy in, having an orgasm can assist with this. Yup, orgasm and then insert the toy, you can also insert the plug while being aroused before orgasm if you so desire. 


*Side note* You don’t have poop just waiting behind your sphincter, you will not be pushing poop upwards when you insert the anal plug, but if you have the urge to poop, then you should go.


How To Clean My Anal Plugs

Ultimate Guide To Anal Training

Cleaning all depends on the type of material your anal plug is made from. With glass, wood and silicone, you can boil them. If you choose to boil them, make sure that they can withstand the heat, so check your instructions. You only need to boil them for 5-7 minutes, be sure to let it cool on a towel before touching.

If you can’t boil them, cleaning them with toy cleaner and making sure they’re clean will work just fine as well. You want to make sure you clean them, and avoid porous materials, it makes your toys easier to clean.

What Lubricant Is Recommended? 

Ultimate Guide To Anal Training


With anal toys, silicone and hybrid lubricants are best.  If you have a silicone made toy, you can use a thick water-based jelly with it. 


Listen to your body! I can’t say it enough, listen to what your body is comfortable with, don’t push yourself.. If your body is saying ‘no’ or ‘not right now’, don’t force anything. And enjoy your anal training. 


Anal play can seem intimidating, but if its something you want to explore, don’t be afraid to give it a try. Just make sure you listen to your body and take it easy, it’s a muscle, you’re working it out, so take it easy on yourself. 


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