Anal Glide is a numbing lubricant, it’s specifically made for the anus so you can safely stick things up your bum and reduce the possible pain. It’s okay, we all struggle at some point with sticking it up our bum! So here’s the ultimate guide to Anal Glide.

Story Time: 


When I worked at a sex shop I had a woman come by, she was interested in an anal numbing cream. She asked what the main ingredient was, we informed her it was lidocaine. 


She started walking out, we asked why she was leaving, just casually. She said she worked for a dentist and could get ahold of lidocaine there. 


Alarms went off! We warned her not to! Lidocaine for the dentist vs lidocaine for the anus are different strengths. You can numb some pain, but numbing all the pain could cause permanent damage. 


If you can’t feel a single thing, not only will you not enjoy it but you can’t listen to your body yelling ‘stop!!!’ and could end up seriously injuring yourself. 


Moral of the story…. Use products for what they’re meant for or you’ll rip yourself a new asshole. 

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Anal Glide Information

ultimate guide to anal glide


  • Active ingredient: Benzocaine 5% 


  • Fragrance: Nope, fragrance free!


  • Dosage: 6 drops max in a 24 hour period. 


  • How does it work? Anal glide, numbs the anus, making anal penetration easier.


  • Condom Safe? Yes


  • Do you need a prescription? Nope! In fact you can use this link to purchase Anal Glide



  • Is it safe for pregnancy? Do NOT use this is if you are pregnant.


  • FDA Tested? yes , this product is registered with the FDA


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How To Use Anal Glide 

ultimate guide to anal glide


When to apply? 


Before you want to have anal pentration, you can place it on and anus and leave it there while engaging in other sexual activites. 


Oral sex friendly?


Not recommended, it’s a desensitizer. 


How many drops?


Start with 1-2 drops, increase as needed. Do NOT exceed 6 drops within a 24 hour period.


How long does it take to work?


It works within a matter of minutes.


How long does it last?


It’s unclear how long it lasts, it really depends on you and your body. It’s safe to say 1-2 hours roughly. 


Can it be reapplied? 


Yes it can be! But do NOT exceed 6 drops in a 24 hour period. 


What do I do once I’m done? 


Rinse off the area, you will remain numb however for a maximum of 24 hours. Everybodys body is different, so start slow.


Does it matter what lube I use?


Nope, whatever you desire! No matter what lube you try, just be sure you’re dry before you do. 


Can I use it for shower sex? 


It’s not water proof, it is however splash proof. If you choose to use it in the shower just take it slow


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How To Apply Anal Glide

ultimate guide to anal glide



Clean the area, you don’t have to do an intense cleaning like douching. Just use a little soap and water and clean the area. Make sure it’s fully dry before you apply.


Pick the fingers you want, I use the first two. Applying the desired amount to my index and middle finger I used the container to rub it around. You can use your fingers to rub it around as well, the more you spread, the more of an area you can cover.


Apply Anal Glide to the the anus, rub it all around the rim of the anus. Don’t get it on the other areas as it will numb wherever you place it. Don’t be afraid to get in there and really rub it in.


Cleaning Anal Glide Off

ultimate guide to anal glide


After you are done playing, you want to make sure you clean your genitals. Rinse yourself off then soap up and rinse off. And as I always say – pat dry or air dry it’s your choice! Just be sure to clean yourself after you’re done. 


Note: Cleaning yourself will not wash away all the effects of the gel. So don’t worry if you wash it off and don’t feel super sensitive after.


Lubricant Recommendations

ultimate guide to anal glide

You can use any lubricant you like with anal glide, here are some of my favorite anal lubricants.

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Always Uncensor Your Pleasure.


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