Anal beads, beads on a rope, but not literal beads. Whenever I think of these I am reminded of the end part of a bad joke about ripping them out like you would a lawn mower… OUCH! But if you know how to use them properly, you’ll be fine. 



Anal beads, what are they? How do anal beads work? How do I use anal beads? All these questions and more answered below! This is the ultimate guide on what you need to know.


Sex toys are marvelous! And knowing how to use them properly can really help boost your pleasure. These are what you need to know on how to use them.


What Are Anal Beads?

ultimate guide to anal beads


Anal beads are beads made of silicone or another material, they start small and get larger. You can have a lot of beads on the rope or a few… Some vibrate and some don’t, it just depends on what you want. They typically aren’t super huge, however you can find super large ones. 


Anal Bead Shapes

ultimate guide to anal beads


Anal beads have the same shape, it starts out with a smaller bead and then gradually becomes a larger bead. You can have a stiffer string of anal beads that don’t move as much, you can also have a more flexible string of beads. 


When they vibrate, the ‘string’ or ‘rope’ between the beads is typically stiffer. They vary in length, but when searching you want to take into consideration the handle. Some of the circles on the end of the strings are smaller and you can only fit a finger in there. So decide on the ‘handle’ you want for the beads. 


While a circle is common for the handle, they also have solid handles that still allow for a good grip. Though these are typically seen in vibrating anal beads, it all depends on what you like. 



Where Anal Beads Go

ultimate guide to anal beads


Well, they aren’t called anal beads to so you can wear em like a necklace. You slip the anal beads into the anus, use lube to slowly slide them in. I don’t suggest going from anus to vaginal, if you want to use them vaginally or slide them against your clit, make sure you do so before anally inserting them. 


How To Use Anal Beads

ultimate guide to anal beads


Lube it up and then slip them in the anus slowly. You can thrust with them at a slower speed or you can slip them into the anus and then let them stay there. Only go as far as you desire, you don’t have to go to the largest bead if you aren’t comfortable. 


It’s popular to pull them out during orgasm to increase the intensity of the orgasm. You anus has a lot of nerves and it can create a very desirable sensation.  


What Materials Are Anal Beads Made Of?

ultimate guide to anal beads


They can be made from silicone, abs, wood or metal. There’s a lot of popular options that they can be made from, when considering the desired material, also take into consideration the weight of the item.


A metal anal bead toy sounds awesome but the weight may be too much for you or your partner. 


There are some materials that you want to avoid. You want to avoid these materials because they aren’t body safe. What do I mean by this? It means that these materials are porous and can easily trap bacteria and wreak havoc on your genitals. 


The materials you want to avoid are: Jelly, PVC, toys containing Phthalates. The toys made of Jelly or PVC are porous and can trap bacteria. Phthalates have been known to cause a myriad of problems that you don’t want.  


What lube to use?


If you are using silicone beads then use water-based lube, I suggest a thick, jelle like anal lube. If you’re using wood/metal/ABS you can use silicone, hybrid or water-based lubricant.


How To Clean Anal Beads

ultimate guide to anal beads


If the anal beads are water-proof, you don’t have to worry about the battery area. If your anal beads aren’t water-proof, then you want to avoid the control area.


If your anal beads don’t have batteries, then you can most likely boil them.


Method One:


Rinse off any residue that may be on the beads.


Soap up the beads and string.


Rinse off the soap.


Repeat if needed.


Air dry or pat dry, it’s your choice!


Method Two:


Bring water to a boil.


Turn it to simmer.


Put beads into water.


Leave beads in water for 4-6 minutes.


Remove beads, carefully.


Let air dry.


Discover Anal Beads

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ultimate guide to anal beads

Lubricant Recommendations

ultimate guide to anal beads


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