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How To Use: Layon Sweet Temptation

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Meow meow baby, drop into that CAT position from Sex Life and get yourself an orgasm.      What am …


How To Use: Suga Stick by Rock Candy

Hit that sweet spot with the Suga Stick by Rock Candy. It’s unique design provides you with an array of …


Sex Life, Porn With A Storyline?

 It’s all over Netflix and it’s the steamiest hottest newest erotic show based off a sexy steamy erotica. Sex Life. …


How To Use: Le Wand

The Oh La La, the wham bam thank you ma’am, the Yes Oh Yes!!! The Le Wand, it’s got power, …


Becoming A Dominatrix, The Sensuality of Sexual Living Art.

How did I become a dominatrix? What led up to it and how did I make such a life changing …