Ultimate Guide To Satisfyer Twirling Joy

ultimate guide to twirling joy by satisfyer

Twirling Joy takes ‘just the tip’ to a whole new level! It’s pin point precision and intensity are fun to explore. Here’s the utimate guide to Twirling Joy from Satisfyer! Twirling Joy Basics   Rechargeable: You know it.   Charge: Yup! 4.5 hours to full charge. It’s unclear how long it lasts at this time, […]

11 Halloween Sex Scene Ideas

If were being honest, times are hard! They have been for awhile now.. And spicing up your sex life can be difficult! So here are 11 Halloween sex scene ideas, to spice up your sex life and get into the Halloween spirit!    DISCLAIMER: The scenes provided do not specify consent. You should discuss boundaries […]

Ultimate Guide To Mini Halo

ultimate guide to mini halo by voodoo

Forget the halo, this toy is devious! Here’s the break down of how to use it and what you need to know about your new adventure with Mini Halo.   You’ll find a complete break down on how to use Mini Halo by Voodoo below. Everything from how to charge to discovering levels and more. […]

How To Use: Satisfyer Connect App

Satisfyer has come out with an app so you can control you or your partner can control your toy and experience more. This is my break down on how to use the Satisfyer Connect App!   Here’s a complete break down on how to use Satisfyer Connect App below. Everything from how to charge to […]

13 Tips To Spark Your Roleplay

Is that a gun I feel or are you just happy to see me? Roleplay is a great way for you to get out of your head, your daily life and so much more.   You can discover new fun things about your partner and spice up your sex life. It is important to note […]

Ultimate Guide To Rose by Icicles

Ultimate guide to rose icicles butt plug

The rose butt plug by Icicles, it’s delicate and beautiful! Carrying a little weight, this glass toy is a lot of fun and here’s everything you need to know!   Rose Basics   Batteries: None, it’s pure glass!   Waterproof: Absolutely, take this toy wherever you desire.   Lube: You can use whatever lube you would […]