Sex Life Brings To Life The CAT Position, How Do You Do It?

Meow meow baby, drop into that CAT position from Sex Life and get yourself an orgasm.      What am I talking about?    If you’ve seen all of sex life then you’ve gotten to the part where she falls into a life changing orgasm and other bliss over the Coital Alignment Technique. After seeing […]

Ultimate Guide To Suga Stick by Rock Candy

ultimate guide to suga stick

Hit that sweet spot with the Suga Stick by Rock Candy. It’s unique design provides you with an array of fun ways to use it on your partner. And here’s the ultimate guide to suga stick.     This fun stick is part of the Rock Candy collection, it’s totally inspired by candy that’s meant […]

Sex Life, Porn With A Storyline?

 It’s all over Netflix and it’s the steamiest hottest newest erotic show based off a sexy steamy erotica. Sex Life. So is it porn with a good storyline?    The following content contains spoilers.    Here’s my synopsis of sex and life, this is a book turned movie. About a woman who was a bad […]

Ultimate Guide To Le Wand

ultimate guide to le wand

The Oh La La, the wham bam thank you ma’am, the Yes Oh Yes!!! The Le Wand, it’s got power, it’s got rechargeable and here’s the ultimate guide on how to use it.       Le Wand Basics Rechargeable: Yes it is!    Charge: 3 hours to charge and 3 hours of play!   The light […]

Becoming A Dominatrix, The Sensuality of Sexual Living Art.

How did I become a dominatrix? What led up to it and how did I make such a life changing decision to enter into the adult industry?      When people go to enter into the adult industry they may have some questions that help them contemplate if they should or not.    How much […]