Ultimate Guide To Cuddle by Oh Mi Bod

ultimate guide to lovelife oh mi bod cuddle

Cuddle up with the Love Life from Oh Mi Bod. With a heart shaped interface it makes this toy an easy to use vibrator. Here’s the ultimate guide on everything you need to know about using Cuddle from Oh Mi Bod. Cuddle Basics Rechargeable: Yes it is!  Charge: Charge it for 2.5 hours and you’ll get 2 hours of […]

Go Mr. Clean On Your Sex Toys

Wipe on, wipe off! How To Clean Your Sex Toys!      Infections are what happens if you don’t clean your sex toy properly. And your genitals are the last area you want to have an infection on top of that you can transfer that bacteria to a partner… nobody wants that!    So how […]

Sext like a pro, here’s all you need to know!

Nor rain, nor work, nor pandemic can stop a sexy text!    In a long distant relationship? Do you want to try something new, but not sure how to tell your partner? Looking for a new way to spice up your relationship? Try sexting!   Seriously, it’s a thrilling and great way to have fun with […]

Ultimate Guide To Magic Bunny by Satisfyer

ultimate guide to magic bunny by satisfyer

The Magic Bunny is a rabbit made by Satisfyer, it’s intensity and flexibility is super to make you do the bunny hop! Indulge in the sensation, here’s you’re ultimate guide to Magic Bunny by Satisfyer. Magic Bunny Basics   Rechargeable: Yes it is!    Charge: Charge takes 3.5 hours to charge with 60 minutes of […]