7 Fun Foreplay Toys You’ll Need!

7 fun foreplay toys

It’s not just about making sure you’re both ready for sex… its so much more than that! It’s about the tease, building the desire, creating the mood. Making one another beg and ache for each other.    But sometimes you lack creativity, not because you don’t want them but you get tired. It’s okay, or […]

Ultimate Guide To Mimi by Je Joue

ultimate guide to mimi by je joue

Add a little elegance into the bedroom with the Mimi by Je Joue. With a strong motor and smooth silicone body, it’ll do your body good. So here’s the ultimate guide to Mimi by Je Joue.     Mimi Basics   Rechargeable: It absolutely is!    Charge: Charge it for 2 hours and you’ll get […]

3 Ways To Keep Sex Fun

How to keep sex fun

In the beginning of the relationship, the sex is hot. You’re getting to know your partner’s body, it’s a fun, it’s hot and it’s unforgettable. But keeping that going… can be daunting.   A few months/years later, it can be a little ‘been there done that’. It can become mundane and dare I say boring.    […]

Ultimate Guide To Zumio S

ultimate guide to zumio

Have you heard of the Zumio? Have you experienced the beauty of the Zumio? Here’s the ultimate guide on the Zumio S, developed by women for the almighty clitoris!       Zumio Basics   Rechargeable: Yes it is!    Charge: It takes 16 hours to charge from almost dead but gives you 4 hours […]

Ultimate Guide To White Temptation

ultimate guide to white temptation layons satisfyer

White Temptation is part of the Layon line from Satisfyer! It’s a fun tiny vibe with a lot of power so let’s go over how you can utilize this fun toy. Here’s the in-depth ultimate guide to White Temptation by Satisfyer   Buy White Temptation   White Temptation Basics   Rechargeable: Yes it is!    Charge: […]

5 Ways To Enhance Oral Sex

how to enhance oral sex

Oral sex, the Australian kiss! It’s one of those things that can be harder to be creative at because it’s so straight forward. So here’s 5 ways to enhance your oral sex and have fun.    I get it, I’ve been there, you’re going down on your partner and all you can think is ‘did […]

Is Your Dildo Body Safe?

dildo safe material

Is it safe to stick it there? Find out here.   Ah Dildos, just saying the word dildo is fun. But does it matter what’s in them? It does! So is your dildo body safe?   Well while you are not ingesting the toys you are inserting them into your body. So you want to […]