Ultimate Guide To On Ice Arousal

Ultimate Guide To On Ice Arousal

Start ya screamin with On Ice Arousal. On Ice Arousal is a clitoral stimulant, to arouse and help push you over that sweet delicious edge into bliss. This arousal stimulant is meant to increase sensitivity in the clitoris, creating more powerful orgasms.   Buy On Arousal On Ice Arousal Basics   Active ingredient: Peppermint oil   […]

The Double Ended or The Realistic Dildo? Let’s discover both!

using double ended dildos and realistic dildos

1 Cock, 2 Cock, Real Cock, Fake Cock!     What type of dildo is for you? The double ended or the realistic?   You get a dildo! You get a dildo! And you get a dildo!!!!! *Oprah Voice*    Dildo’s…. There’s one for everyone, but for now let’s go over the Double Ended and […]

Ultimate Guide To Stud 100

ultimate guide to stud 100

Don’t stop, get it, get it! Stud 100 is a popular brand, they prolong your sex play by delaying your come time.      How Does Stud 100 Work?   This spray contains lidocaine – not lidocaine you can get at the dentist or anything! So please buy this product which is meant for this […]

Got A Penis? Here’s 4 Ways To Last Longer In Bed!

how to last longer in bed

Go the distance! In bed!     It happens to everybody… at some point.. You try to hold back but it feels so good… then bang bam bum! You’ve cum… and all too soon. So let’s go over how to last longer in bed!    The disappointed look blinks on your partners face before they […]

Ultimate Guide To Tango By WeVibe

ultimate guide to tango by wevibe

It takes two to tango and with this partner you’re guaranteed to have a good time. The Tango by WeVibe, is a strong bullet, here’s the ultimate guide to the tango and everything you need to know.         Tango Basics    Rechargeable: Yes it is!  Charge: Charge it for 90 mins and you’ll […]