Ultimate Guide To GPlug Butt Plug By FT London

ultimate guide to plug butt plug ft london

Do butt stuff with the G-Plug! The GPlug Butt Plug is a compact tiny toy that would make a great addition to beginners collection.  Sticking things up the butt can be a little daunting, it doesn’t matter what way you swing. The GPlug Butt Plug is a great toy to really expand and explore with […]

Ultimate Guide To Satisfyer Pro 2

ultimate guide to satisfyer pro 2

Satisfy your needs with the Satisfyer Pro 2!   While it’s similar to the Womanizer, it is still a very notable toy that is makin waves in more than one way! Here’s the ultimate guide for Satisfyer Pro 2 and all you need to know!      Buy the Satisfyer Pro Satisfyer Pro 2 Basics […]