Is that a gun I feel or are you just happy to see me? Roleplay is a great way for you to get out of your head, your daily life and so much more.


You can discover new fun things about your partner and spice up your sex life. It is important to note that even though your partner may loooove the character you play that doesn’t mean they don’t love you for you. It’s fun to enjoy a fantasy and all you’re doing is bringing that fantasy to life.




Here are 13 of my favorite tips to help you get that roleplay going in the right direction.


  1. Start with a text.
    Start texting one another before you see each other to kind of get into the whole mood. You’re both building a character that you and your partner can enjoy. So if you start with a text you can get the ball rolling. It may also help lead the right direction of where you want things to go.  

  2. Time to dress up!,
    From your underwear to your hair, don’t be afraid to get fully into character. You can try something new and go sans underwear if you so desire. You can put in a toy and let your partner take control! The choice is yours as is your outfit, don’t be afraid to get fancy, make the image you have in your head come to life.

    Changing your outfit can also help with your character, you can fit it to the demeanor and attitude you want to exude. And if you are a little uncertain having this outfit change can help you make your character more believable for both you and even help your partner understand your character more.

  3. Talk about boundaries
    The last thing you want to do is cross your partners boundaries without even realizing it. You may enjoy things that you want to keep out of roleplay or you may feel comfortable trying some new things being wrapped up in this character. It’s important that you discuss this with your partner.

    Have a safe word ready, this will indicate to your partner that you both need to come out of character and stop what’s going on. It doesn’t have to be for just a physical reason, it can also be an emotional, you may have been triggered or be upset by something. It’s okay to call out the safe word when you need to.

  4. Laughter isn’t bad.
    You are both roleplaying, these aren’t who you are. It’s okay for both of you to laugh if you mess up a line or if you just find it funny. Laughing is the cause of many things, it’s okay to laugh.

    The key is to keep going after you laugh. Take a moment or use your partners laughter as part of the scene. Don’t let it deter you from your scene however. Just go with it and keep on going! It happens to us all.. trust me!

  5. Prepare your scene.
    As much as the scene is “spontaneous “you can still enjoy a little bit of prep. Like having your sex toys out or any props you may want to use to enhance your character.

    You can also make any necessary changes to your furniture or make a reservation at a restaurant if you’re going out. You don’t have to be struggling to figure out your entire scene last minute so do some prep to make things the way you’d like. You can even take a few moments before beginning to get yourself into character!

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  6. Your scenes don’t need to be realistic.
    You can enjoy a scene in space or from decades ago during the wild wild west. You can also be animals or aliens, whatever you want to be. There is no limit as to what you can or can’t become.

    The key to creating the scene is making sure that all your key points of what you want and need for the scene are understood by your partner. You both need to discuss and compromise what you do and don’t need so the scene doesn’t get ruined. If your partner isn’t up to not speak at all during the scene, then be open to compromising! You also want to explain why you want things the way you do, you can just say, it’s always been a fantasy of mine.

    Explaining the scene helps your partner understand why you desire it, and may help them accomplish their character even more.

  7. Mistakes just make memories.
    You are both going to mess up, you are both going to go ‘whoops!’. Don’t let that stop you, laugh it off and keep going. Or help your partner resolve the issue then keep going, it’s okay to keep it moving along.

  8. Plan out the scene.
    We discussed being prepped with your toys and what not. But you can also plan out how the entire scene will go. If you want certain things to happen, then plan it. Like if you want to be abducted at dinner, then spanked to a disco song as you get dressed up in a dinosaur outfit, plan it out.

    You want to let your partner know what you want and how you want things to go so they can tell yes or no or help you find a great solution for part of the scene you may be struggling with.

  9. Become the character.
    Don’t be afraid to actually act, you can get into it. Movies are full of people acting in front of cameras, this is just acting in front of your partner. It doesn’t matter if you aren’t perfect, its about making the character as realistic as you can to both of you.

  10. Props are not mandatory.
    Props aren’t mandatory but can give the scene that extra boost it needs. You can get pad and paper to be a proper secretary. Or maybe you want the chalkboard because you’re being taught a lesson in detention. The choice is really yours and while they may not be big props, those small props can make a huge difference.

  11. Use your environment to create your fantasy.
    Sometimes our brain gets so full with work that we don’t know how to come up with a fantasy even if we want to. So use your books, tv shows or movies to help you create a sex scene you want to act out. Maybe you feel you could’ve done a sex scene better than the people in the movie. So do it! Or maybe you just want to re-enact that scene with your partner, you should do it!

  12. Create a personality.
    Your character isn’t just you acting out this role, it’s you enjoying a full on different personality with your partner. Maybe this character has a lisp or talks with an accent. They could have an infinity for rulers or like to use a lot of dirty talk. Your character isn’t just you acting, it’s a whole persona, it’s not you. It’s a fantasy of who you would be if this is what you enjoyed. And while you may not enjoy it all the time, you can certainly enjoy it right now with your partner.

  13. Try new things.
    This may be an opportunity for you to try new things with your partner. You may want to try being the dominate want, don’t be afraid to explore this with your partner. Maybe you want to explore a little BDSM or butt stuff, the choice is really yours. You just have to get out there and try it.

The goal is to have fun, spice up your sex life and enjoy your partner. Don’t be afraid to let that happen, be open to what your partner wants to try and just go with it. It may be odd and it may not be your cup of tea but so long it doesn’t break your boundaries give it a shot!


Fun Roleplay Ideas

  1. Wild wild west!
    You have just arrived to the local Saloon and something/someone has caught your eye. While you’re only in town for a night, you want to take advantage of you currently fancy. Swooning your desire with affection, they fall for you and you have a wild night full of an array of cowgirl/cowboy/reverse doggy positions!

  2. Professor meets student.
    As a student you are always eager to learn, and while you haven’t had a bunch of time to indulge in the enjoyment of adult activities you are eager to learn more about them. Who better than your well versed Professor? They can teach you a thing or two in a sack and since you’re so eager to learn, they’ll be sure to teach you a lot.

  3. Pizza delivery!
    If porn has taught us anything it’s that nobody ever remembers they have to pay for a pizza! This can turn into a food sploshing fun activity or it just be a really enjoyable sex scene. How will your partner have to pay your for the pizza? Will they be able to talk you into coming into the house? Who gives who a taste of the pizza pie? Create this scene and find out!

There’s just a few ideas for you to enjoy with your partner. Don’t be afraid to have fun and explore! Keep your mind open, your thoughts dirty and your orgasms coming.

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