If were being honest, times are hard! They have been for awhile now.. And spicing up your sex life can be difficult! So here are 11 Halloween sex scene ideas, to spice up your sex life and get into the Halloween spirit! 


DISCLAIMER: The scenes provided do not specify consent. You should discuss boundaries and consent with your partner prior to any scenes.




A few things should be done before the scenes. 


  • A safe word. Make one so if the scene gets out of hand everything stops. 
  • Prep! You absolutely want to have everything together for the scene so you can enjoy it. 
  • Get into it. Don’t be afraid to get into the scene, take on your character! 
  • Costume and props. When I say prep, I mean prep, unwrap anything you want unwrapped.


To get into the Halloween spirit I’ve taken time to write up some fun scenarios for you! I’ve also included links to what you’ll need to make em happen. The links are ideas for what you can do, feel free to click and explore the costumes!


The Vampire and The Air Head.


The air head wearing next to nothing is lounging around their house… A vampire comes to the door and knocks. Cracking open the door to take a peak at who it is the Air Head opens it wider when they see their sexy vampire. 


The Vampire asks to come in, ready to suck their victim dry. Their phone has died and their car is out of gas, they need a little help.. The air head is friendly, so they let in the Vampire to help them out. The vampire comes in, making casual conversation, the both flirt with one another. 


Then the Vampire makes their moving, going to bite on their victims neck. But the air head takes it for seduction, gets into it and whatever blood the vampire had left rushes to their genitals and they have sex. The vampire should suck on their partner, put hickies in conspicuous places, lots of biting! 


Key Points:


  • Be a flirtatious vampire
  • The vampire should be very touchy feely, biting and pinching their airhead
  • Airhead should be confused by any threats that the vampire is harmful..




Vampire Costume

Vampire: Fangs, all black outfit like black pants and tight fitting black shirt. Here’s a cape to help with it – shoe wise you want to go with heels or boots.

Air Head Lounge Wear

Air Head: Simple loose clothes, like underwear/boxers with a loose fitting  t-shirt or no t-shirt. A robe would work as well. 


Dog walker comes home to be abducted by an alien! 


Returning home after walking their dog, they put everything down and get comfortable. Just as the dog walker has kicked off their shoes and let their dog go an alien comes in. Not used to the human form the alien is feeling their body, in addition to feeling themselves up they want to feel up the human whose walked into the house they’ve invaded. Alien is in human form with alien features.


Approaching the dog walker, they start to get excited. The dog walker notices them, naturally freaking out. The alien points their finger at the dog walker and silences them, approaching the dog walker completely the dog walker becomes quiet. 


The alien needs to figure out if this is a creature they want to bring to their planet. Exploring the dog walker they start to touch and feel, the dog walker who decides to touch them in return. Familiarity turns into sensuality which turns into sex. 


Key Points:


  • Explore your partners body, as the alien you find the human form interesting.
  • Alien should feel free to be a little naïve and need to be ‘taught’ some things in bed.
  • Dog walker should use all of aliens senses and show them a thing or two. 





Green wig, antennas, silver jumpsuit with boots or heels. Or just a sexy alien outfit! 

Dog Walker

Basic workout clothes – t-shirt and sweat pants.  The above link takes you to a workout clothes search!


Aladdin and Jasmine, magic carpet ride extended. 


Take a magic carpet ride! Jasmine is excited from all Aladdin has shown her. Jasmine doesn’t just want to see the world, Jasmine wants to see a whole new world… 


Aladdin is packin more than just a genie lamp! Jasmine asks to use one of his wishes, he says yes but she has to rub his lamp first. Rubbing the lamp she wishes for him to show her a whole new world. 


Aladdin tells Jasmine she has to make the wish again but has to rub him first to make it happen. Foreplay and sex ensue on either a carpet or a bed. 


Key Points:


  • Rubbing penis like a genie lamp.
  • Jasmine needs to be shown and taught new things.
  • Lots of foreplay.
  • Use oil or flavored lube to enhance the scene. 





Witch/Warlock casts a spell on you! 


Pick whose the witch/warlock! You’re on a date, you’ve taken it back to your dates place for a nightcap. You hand them a drink which is really a potion (do NOT actually date rape anybody). You play the song ‘I put a spell on you’ as you hand them the drink. 


Swooning your partner you start to dance with them, slow sensual moves. The dancing turns into intimacy and you enjoy a night of sex. 


But it’s not just sex, the witch/warlock has control over their date. They have them under their spell, so take this time to dominate your partner and turn them into the submissive you desire. 


Key Points: 


  • Play the song
  • Serve the drink
  • Have tons of confidence 
  • Be touchy feely without groping 
  • Caress your date by barely touching them. 




Little Black Dresses

Wear whatever makes you feel sexy!


Siren and The Sailor


As a Siren this is your one time to get out! And you just happened to pick a Sailor you’d been spying on from the sea. Walking onto land, and slipping into your sailors place you gather a few of your human favorites. 


You get some strawberries, whipped cream and chocolate syrup. Pairing it with a little champagne as you lounge on your sailors couch waiting for them to come back. 


The sailor comes in, immediately realizing who you are and shocked by you lounging on their couch! Before the sailor can say a lot you start to talk, in a manner of seduction you tell them you get to come up once a year and want to indulge in all things, especially your sailor. 


Bewitched by your voice your sailor comes up to you, who you feed a strawberry to. You both indulge in the treats you’ve gathered. Feeding one another and accidentally dripping whip cream and chocolate on one another, you lick it off the person. As one thing leads to another you get intimate.  


Key Parts: 


  • Feeding each other foods
  • Music and lights low
  • Licking fingers like you would your partner. Teasing with your mouth. 
  • Siren scratching your sailor out of lust when you become intimate.
  • Sailor dominating your Siren, demanding the positions you desire. 




Siren Costume

You can also drape loose netting around yourself like you just came out of the sea.


Mr. & Mrs. Smith


You’re both spies! But neither of you know the other is a spy. Going out on a dinner you both get dressed up… the talk is completely normal and you enjoy your romantic dinner with one another. One of you might even wear a sex toy that the other can control. 



On the way home, you both get a text. It’s  not ordinary text, the text sound that only spies would know means its a ‘work tone’. You both look at one another, shocked by the realization that your partner is a spy. 


Silence overcomes the car ride home, you both park and dart into the house. Racing to grab your guns (nerf guns) you start to hunt one another. Determined for answers, you’ll get them any way you can. Not just wanting to understand but needing to. 


Engaging in a nerf gun fight, you both go at it. Running out of nerf bullets you face each other in the bedroom/living room. Impressed by your partners skills and out of breath, you release the pent of energy. 


Crashing into one another you have intense, fun and wild sex! 


Key Parts: 


  • Both try to dominate one another, but give in when called for so it’s erotic. 
  • Rip off partners clothes 
  • A little rough and wild with the sex but pleasure for your partner.
  • It’s almost like competition sex, who can make who come the best? 





Morticia & Gomez Get Kinky


They have a passion for one another that’s truly undeniable. Grabbing a couple of glasses of wine, you sip wine before dancing with one another. Sweeping your partner off their feet and across the room, you’ll soon need a room. 


Morticia teases Gomez, a lot of puns and teasing are used for this. It’s very sensual, its when Morticia or Gomez decide that they need to satiate their partners appetite that they pull out the aphrodisiacs. Gomez is always eager for Moritica and happily takes the puns seriously wanting his partner.


Grabbing some strawberries and whipped cream, you tease one another as you feed each other the strawberries. Things become heated as you tease each other, no longer able to control yourselves you dive into a kinky night of fun.


Key Points:


  • Lots of seductive looks 
  • Teasing your partners
  • Lots of laughing
  • Naughty puns encouraged (oh darling you know how I like it, stiff, my drink





Bob Ross or Barbara Ross


Bob Ross is in the house, but no murals around. With an urge to paint and a desire to seduce you choose your partner as your mural. 


Snagging your paints you get everything prepared, then you strip your model. ‘Accidentally’ caressing them along the way. Help your mural get completely nude, you need to see the canvas you’ll be working on after all. 


Turn on some romantic music and begin your work. Let your mural be your muse as you paint your partner. Since there are erogenous  zones that aren’t just on the genitals, you caress those areas and ignite your murals senses. 


As you continue to paint on them, you realize they’ve inspired you more than you could ever imagine. You ditch the brush and use your fingers, pinching, caressing and smoothing your mural. Lust overtakes you, you take a hands on approach with your mural and create living art by having passionate sex. 




  • The painter should talk soft and seductively. 
  • Don’t be afraid to actually paint. 
  • Mural should lay down





The Tiger King Gets Kinky


Who better to tame the lion/lioness inside you than the infamous Joe Exotic or Carole Baskin? Choose who each want to be then get to tamin! 


Inhabiting the lion tamer you want to be, you’ll have to tame your lion. Using a whip you’ll give you lion commands. Will they obey or will they run away? You won’t find until you try. 


You lion may or may not be fond of the whip however… you’ll have to find other ways to tame them.. Once you get your lion to like you, you’ll get it on and have some furry sexy fun! 


Key Parts: 


  • Chasing lion around 
  • Being a fussy lion
  • Seducing your lion
  • Lion tamer should be cocky





Bridgerton: When the Royals get kinky.


Do you have the vintage outfits? Do you enjoy looking like a royal? Here’s how this sex scene goes. 


While you could reenact a variety of sex scenes from the show itself, I’ve come up with one incase you choose to go to a Halloween party. 


Dressing up, get ready to go to your Halloween party! Use an insertable sex toy to really take this scene to the next level then give your partner the control. Flirt with one another throughout the night, dance, drink and be merry. 


Then have your partner escort you back to whoever’s place you’re going. Being proper you know it’s a scandal just to be seen together and alone! Unable to deny the attraction, your escort talks themselves into you letting them inside. Unable to deny them you oblige, they come in. 


The tension undeniable your escort shoves you against the door, ravishing you before you have a chance to even get undressed. 


Key Parts:


  • Talking in a formal manner when not around others 
  • The escort should talk their partner into letting them in. Despite the rumor mill. 
  • Keeping the clothes on when getting intimate. 





Lick n Treat 


Grab flavored lube and other fun flavors! Then leave notes for your partner to discover when they come home.


The notes will lead them to you, maybe the notes have a shot next to them. When your partner discovers where you are, you are covered in a variety of things. From dots to dollops of flavored lubes and yummy foods. 


Turning you into the ultimate lick n treat. As the partner you want to lick it all off them, seduce them, intrigue them, entice them and enjoy the treats your partner has left for you!


Key Parts:


  • Lick slowly
  • Taste random places
  • Use fingers and tongues





I hope you enjoy these fun ideas! If anything you can take the materials and make your own scene. Don’t be afraid to explore and enjoy your partner!


Play with caution, I hold zero responsibility for the sex injuries or madness that may occur.


Always Uncensor Your Pleasure


Side Note: Links attached are from my store or an affiliate, which helps support my site. These opinions are 100%  truthful and mine. I only recommend what I believe in.

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